Primrose Hill

"Creative Movements is an innovative and fresh way of interacting with children and teaching them to interact with each other outside the lines of usual social behaviour. It is incredibly fun and the boys look forward to it every week. I could not recommend this class more!” Hereward House School'

“My daughter and her little brother both act professionally now. Everyone asks me how they got their confidence and I always say it all started with [Creative Movements]!"

"Have been coming to [Creative Movements] classes for around 14 years now with the odd break in between. They never fail to delight. Innovative, sparkling and fun they give confidence to children of all ages and abilities. My daughters love to act and dance and I strongly believe that Creative Movements have been responsible in part for this love of the arts."

"Since joining Creative Movements [my son] has improved and developed so much in a matter of weeks that his therapists and his teachers have all literally marvelled at the change."

“It’s the attention to detail, props, excitement and incredible energy that Creative Movements brings, that has made each birthday extra special."

“Rarely can a child find a place where they can feel they have really become a character."

“The parents stood in disbelief as the children entered this imaginary world. It is what childhood is all about. Given the huge choice of activities on offer, and believe me we have tried them all, Creative Movements is without doubt the best there is!"

“All my 3 children have attended Creative Movements from age 2 to 8 years. With three very different characters, Creative Movements brought out the best in them all, encouraging a confident transition into their various pre-schools and schools. This confidence achieved at such a young age has benefitted and stayed with them."


“She totally L O V E D  I T! You’re truly gifted."

“Our 4-year-old looks forward to his Creative Movements class every week. He leaves the session brimming with energy and enthusiasm! I’m so glad we found Creative Movements; our Friday afternoon class is the perfect way to shake off the week with some groovy moves! We also have Creative Movements to thank for his new found love of Michael Jackson, which he now likes to ‘warm up’ to at home!"

“Molly absolutely loved her party this afternoon, you made it so special for her and her friends and we are so grateful for all you did. It really was magical, and your enthusiasm was fantastic."

“The class gives Eli an opportunity to explore and develop his imagination, which, clearly he loves. I’m not very confident, so it’s wonderful to see him confident, carefree and dancing about. What more could I ask for?"